Bespoke Onboarding Box

Wish your newest recruits the best of luck with a personalized welcome desk box!

Handwritten Cards

Add a handwritten card with a heartfelt and business professional message!

delight the team

Wow your team with unique, bespoke acknowledgements of their talent!

For your business

At Blissopolis we help you strengthen relationships, reduce churn and increase employee retention. Shouldn't employee rewards and recognition be tailored to the preferences of each individual?

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For your personal life

At Blissopolis we help you stay connected to those you care about with customized gifting solutions.  We handle relevant gestures of appreciation at key celebration points on your behalf.

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For your industry

Our specialty is catering to the interests and preferences of both you and those you care about; all the while saving you precious time.  Would you like to know which industries we commonly serve?

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Make An Impact

Businesses today experience a unique set of challenges. It's difficult recruiting exceptional talent in specialized fields. You make a huge investment in on boarding and training new hires, but once you've got a team in place that checks all the boxes, there are no guarantees that they will stay. Employee retention has become harder than ever before.

There's also customer acquisition to consider; how will you attract your clients? Because the businesses we work with are often the best in their industries, we find them asking a lot of questions. What's our current retention rate? What could we do better? How can we differentiate ourselves?

It's time to acknowledge that your work force, friends and clients are all unique individuals with their own goals, motivations and interests.  What if you could provide them with personalized acknowledgements, expressions of gratitude and incentives?

People need to know they are appreciated. At Blissopolis we help you strengthen relationships, reduce churn and increase employee retention; through relevant gestures of appreciation at key celebration points.  Rewards and recognition can now be tailored to each individuals personal preference. Get started today!


What's next?

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