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Handwritten Cards

Reward your top talent with personalized gifts that tie into their goals.


Educate and inspire your team with wellness workshops.

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For your business

At Blissopolis we help you strengthen relationships, reduce churn and increase employee retention. We do it differently! We directly ask people what they like, need and want. Shouldn't employee rewards and recognition be tailored to the preferences of each individual?

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For your health

Given the amount of time we spend in our offices and with our work families, our occupational health and wellness are a critical aspect of our overall life satisfaction. Take a look at our diverse and exciting Wellness Workshop course offerings!

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For your industry

Our specialty is catering to the interests and preferences of both you and those you care about; all the while saving you precious time.  We offer unique boxes and bespoke options for a variety of verticals. Would you like to know which industries we commonly serve?

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