The Onboarding Box

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Welcome your new recruits, engage remote employees or excite newly promoted leadership with items that reflect their needs and your culture!

The City Specific Box

Reward those trailblazers that embrace intra-company transfers or open new locations for your organization with city specific localized items!

The Traveler Box

Travel Boxes

Reward those roles that require constant travel with our bespoke travel tool box that provides for both maximum comfort and solutions to problems!

What's Inside?

Gift boxes come with 5 items! Every box contains things like a specialty pen, paperweight, personal item, notebook or notepad and mug or water bottle per the preferences of your employee. These items are also selected to be a reflection of your company culture, your goals for their specific role and their ability to encourage goal attainment!

Gifts or Gift boxes?

Gifts through our service are one outstanding item that is perfect for the occasion, relationship, budget and culture requirements. Gift boxes are the same in terms of criteria but instead of just one item, they are 5 item sets that are all specific to a particular employee need or theme.

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