$49/recipient includes two services annually and your fully customized account.

Additional services beyond the initial two per recipient are as follows. *See The Fine Print below.


10 - 100 Recipients



101 - 1000 Recipients 



1001+ Recipients


The Fine Print:

Customization of your account includes initial setup, implementation of account preferences, creation of recipient preference profiles, gift selection, purchasing, boxing and the initial two scheduled sending services per recipient for $49/recipient annually. We only offer annual agreements.

Because we are a service not a retailer, we are only paid a service fee. There is a service fee for every occasion in which we are purchasing and sending on your behalf.

Pricing for services beyond the initial 2 per recipient annually included in your initial sign up are based upon the total number of recipients added to your account.

In addition to our service fee, we collect the total amount of your cost of goods including applicable taxes and shipping fees to purchase gifts on your behalf.

Your invoice will reflect the total number of recipients X the number of occasions X our service fee + the cost of goods and added options.

Accounts must be paid in full prior to service. Customers may pay annually or in quarterly installments in advance of all services for a minimal fee. We require a two occasions per recipient annually at a minimum gift tier of $25 per occasion.

Please refer to your service agreement for further details. All pricing and inclusions posted on this page are subject to change and may not reflect current promotions.

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